Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cinta Luar Biasa (2004) SDTVRip

Cinta Luar Biasa is a romance comedy about four best friends; Farah (Nasha Aziz), Usin (Saiful Apek), Adam (Hans Isaac) and Hamidah (Syanie), who plan for a reunion at Langkawi in 10 yearstime after university graduation. 10 years have passed, Farah is now a professional photographer, Usin, a freelance cameraman in Langkawi who specializes in video weddings, Adam a music teacher and Hamidah a magazine columnist who busies herself answering letters from lonely people.
They each do not remember the pact they have made and were reminded by their ex-lecturer Miss Lulu, who tries very hard ti bring them all together again. When the reunion finally takes place, old feelings were rekindled. Hamidah who has a childhood crush on Usin does her best to look good including getting a whole new different wardrobe. Meanwhile, Usin plans to declare this love for Farah, who used to be Adam’s girlfriend. However, amidst the hilarious events, things were not the same as before. Did something happen during graduation? Wll romance finally spark within the four best friends? Or will they fall apart again after the reunion?