Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lie To Me Season 1 , season 3 (updates episode 13)

Lie to me is a true rarity and gem among T.V. show's, it hasn't been done a million times over. Lie to me stars Tim Roth as Dr.Cal Lightman a doctor who specializes in body language and vocal patterns; together with his team of specially trained associates he helps the police and U.S. Government solve there toughest crimes. Lie to Me is a great show because it capitalizes on a whole new field of television, all you see on modern T.V.
today is cop show's more cop show's and medical drama's. But this is refreshing it's much different then any show out there, yes it involves the police but in a small role there only around to keep things under control or to make arrest's. This show has a style and mind of it's own. It doesn't follow the extremely(and I mean that lightly) worn path of other show's that maybe similar or try to be like it. Take Castle for instance, it's a show about a murder mystery writer who helps' the police solve there case's; Now how many times has that been done? Lie to me is a completely original and highly entertaining show that I know that people will just love if they give it a chance.


Episode 11
Part 1 & Part 2

Episode 12
Part 1  &  Part 2

Episode 13
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